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We are a creative team aimed at developing and promoting wine industry in Armenia.

A Brief History

Based in Armenia, Semina Consulting offers viticulture consulting services as well as strategic winery and marketing management support. Our aim is to develop a wine culture while modernizing a rapidly growing wine sector.Vahe Keushguerian, the founder of Semina Consulting, has been in the wine business since 1990. He has owned and operated vineyards and wineries in Tuscany and Puglia.

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission is to convert our understanding of the wine industry and provide wine enthusiasts the resources they need to pursue their passion and reach their potential. Our knowledgeable and experienced wine experts will be involved in every step of the grape growing and winemaking process to improve wine quality while contributing to the expansion of the nation’s wine industry.



We will help:

Improve viticulture

 Utilize innovative technologies in wineries

 Improve quality of wine

 Develop eco-tourism to allow wine enthusiast to discover Armenian wine

Our Services

We offer a wide spectrum of services ranging from planning and planting vineyards to winery design and installation to wine production, marketing, sales and distribution.




 Kataro   |  Yacoubian-Hobbs |  365 Wines  |  Highland Cellars  |  Vedi Alco

Getap Wine Factory  |  Hin Areni   |  Proshyan Brandy Factory

Samkon Brandy Factory  |  Stepanakert Brandy Factory  |  Tamara Fruit |  Karas Wines

Trinity Canyon Vineyards  |  Voskeni  |  Yerevan Ararat Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory (NOY)  |  Yerevan Brandy Company

Sirkap Armenia | Old Bridge | Sarduri


Friends’ Cellar JSC

Our Projects



 Armenia has a very rich and diverse viticultural heritage. We have founded these two nurseries in order to revive and propagate ancient and indigenous Armenian vitis vinifera grape varietals. We have done meticulous varietal selection, virus testing and planted both nurseries in fall of 2014.  The next two years nurseries will be expanded by means of propagating cuttings from those nurseries, and by 2017 we hope to be able to offer cuttings from our varietals for replanting and commercial use.



Astghadzor Nursery, Getap, Vayots Dzor Region

Grape Varietals:

Kakhet  |  Voskehat  |  Tchilar |  Nazeli  |   Khatun Kharji  |   Mormor  |  Movuz  |   Jrali Kara  |   Vardaguyn Yerevani  |   Tigrani




Khramort Nursery, Khramort, Askeran, Artsakh

Grape Varietals:

Khndoghni  |   Kangun (Armenian Complex Hybrid)  |  Rkatsiteli (Georgian)



EVN Wine Academy, a joint initiative between ICARE and Semina Consulting, offers study programs to prospective and practicing wine entrepreneurs, students and wine enthusiasts to empower them with the latest knowledge in global wine industry. The initiative to establish EVN Wine Academy is market driven and is based on recent wine production and demand trends in Armenia. The ICARE, with its professional capacity and international network, is a strong backbone of this initiative.


Expected Impact Specialization of young specialists in innovative wine production technology and wine business. Creating a portfolio of practically skilled specialists for the Armenian wine branch
Consultancy and vocational trainings for improving the quality, production process and better logistics of wines produced in Armenia. Increasing the visibility of Armenian wine sector and higher appreciation of wine culture in local market. Conducting research and informing the actors and supporters about new developments in the Armenian Wine industry.Consulting wine makers in their production process and management

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